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Three Censured Over UK Advertising Claims

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

UK based Hutchison 3G (Three) has been censured by the Advertising Standards Authority following complaints about its adverts from rival network, EE.

Three had run adverts describing its HSPA+ network as what they "affectionately call 3.9G" and said that its network offered speeds so close to 4G that it could describe it as 3.9G.

Everything Everywhere (EE) challenged whether the claim "3.9G" in each of the ads was misleading, because they believed it implied that the speed of Three's broadband service was very close to that of 4G services.

Three disagreed saying that they used the term simply to imply that the HSPA+ network was better than a 3G service, but did also say that in some cases their network did outperform an LTE based service.

They said that although they had not intended the term "3.9G" as a technical one, they believed it was not misleading because their DC-HSDPA network was very close in terms of capability to 4G LTE.

However, the Advertising Standards Authority disagreed, and said that the evidence presented by Three had been largely based on theoretical information rather than actual field tests.

The ruled that Three should not run the adverts in their current form again.

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