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Nepal Telecom Pressing for Decision on GSM License Renewal Fee

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

The Nepalese regulator is mulling an option to reduce the license fee it would charge Nepal Telecom to renew its operating license, but is being critisised for delays in making a decision.

The existing regime would see Nepal Telecom pay Rs 20.13 billion (US$200 million) for a 5-year extension, but the regulator said that it would review the fee with a likely expectation that it would be lowered.

However, with the deadline for the mobile network to apply for the license extension approaching, the regulator has still to complete a study of international averages to decide how much it should charge.

The mobile network needs to submit its application next month, in order for the three month notice before the license expires in May to be complied with.

However, at the moment, it would be applying for a license without knowing how much it will cost.

A company spokesperson told the eKantipur newspaper that they have written to the regulator twice in recent weeks and not had a reply yet.

The issue also affects the other mobile networks, who see their licenses come up for renewal later this year.

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