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Google Working on Apple App to Remotely Control Chrome Laptops

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Google is said to be working on an app that would enable Apple devices to remotely access and control laptop computers running its Chrome OS.

The company has been known for some time to be working on an Android app to achived the same thing, although it hasn't been released yet -- and a small hint on their Chromium website suggests that the iOS version is also under development now.

Google has already developed a shared desktop facility for Chrome laptops that enables one laptop to be securely accessed by another on the same OS. The service is mainly aimed at tech support facilities, or file sharing.

The company now expects to expand that facility to smartphones and tablets, although a release date hasn't been announced.

The brief post on the Chromium website suggested that the iOS version of the so-called "Chromoting" mobile client is still very unpolished at this point, and further behind in development than its Android counterpart.

However, since the comment was made, Google has removed it from their website.

The message in full:

As noted, the iOS version is very unpolished at this stage. The toolbar icons are all placeholder, and the background colour behind the host screen needs to be changed from blue to black. The upper toolbar for iOS (containing just the back button, so it can barely be called a toolbar), is revealed by tapping on the compass in the lower toolbar. Our plan is to consolidate the upper and lower toolbars into one toolbar that will likely be located in the upper section of the screen.

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