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Huawei Equipment Being Removed from UK Government Offices

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

A number of UK government departments are reported to have removed Huawei supplied video conferencing equipment over concerns that it was vulnerable to spying.

Government departments such as the Home Office , Ministry of Justice and Crown Prosecution Service are all said to have stopped using the equipment following a briefing note sent to all government departments warning of security threats.

The former head of the Foreign Office's Asia research group, Roderic Wye, told the Sunday Mirror newspaper that  "there had long been fears about the firm's operations".

However, it's not clear if the briefing note was able to cite a specific security threat that was discovered in the products, of if it was a general warning based on suspicions about the Chinese vendor.

Huawei said the accusation was misleading and without any evidence.

"Our video conferencing equipment is based on global standards, so to suggest it is specifically open to abuse would be misleading," Huawei's UK office said a statement.

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