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Samsung May Launch Galaxy S5 Smartphone in March

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Widespread reports that Samsung's expected Galaxy smartphone update will be shown off around the middle of March at an event in London.

That contradicts expectations that it would be shown off at the Mobile World Congress event, where it could have been drowned out slightly by the sheer flood of announcements that companies curiously all save up to flood the airwaves with at the same time.

The specifications are still being leaked all over the place, and the strongest rumour is that the presumed Galaxy S5 will come in two versions, with either a metal or a plastic chassis.

In that sense, not too dissimilar to what Apple did last year, although in this situation, Samsung is apparently pushing the more expensive model rather than using the cheaper one to expand its customer reach. The company already has cheaper phones to appeal to those consumers.

It's also reported that the phone will come with an AMOLED display of 2,5601,440 resolution and probably 5.25-inches in size. The camera is expected to be a 16-megapixel model.

At the moment though, it is all speculation.

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