Nokia Normandy Smartphone Pictures Leaked

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

What could well be a Nokia phone running on the Android OS has been pictured in the wild assuming it's not some sort of elaborate fake.

There have been rumours of what is code named the Nokia Normandy for about a month, with hints dropped that it could be a prototype Android smartphone with a Nokia specific user interface sitting on top.

Nokia had been rumoured to be playing with Android last year, but that was before the deal to sell the handsets division to Microsoft, who are unlikely to want to support a rival OS.

However, the device could be a tester for the rumoured option of a dual-boot smartphone that could run either Windows Phone or Android. Such smartphones are being talked about as Microsoft tries to expand the reach of its OS with Android loyal handset manufacturers.

Nokia does have form with developing products, then ditching them though, so at this moment, the Android smartphone could be nothing more than an engineering toy.

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Nokia Normandy -- Allegedy

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