Apple Cleared of Infringing Motorola Patent

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

An American Appeal's Court has ruled that Apple didn't infringe on a Motorola Mobility patent covering the method for "controlling a delivery of data"

The patent complaint was filed by Motorola Mobility with the USA's International Trade Commission, which could have had seen Apple's iPhones banned from import into the USA -- had the ITC ruled in Motorola's favour.

It did not, and Motorola Mobility -- now owned by Google -- appealed against the decision.

In its ruling, the Appeal Court agreed with the US ITC and said that Apple had not infringed on the patent.

Motorola Mobility filed complaints with the ITC for six patents, but only one, U.S. Patent 6,272,666 was subject to the appeal.

Google is disappointed and is "evaluating our options," said Matt Kallman, a Motorola spokesman.

Motorola Mobility has also filed an unrelated case against Microsoft for infringing the same patent.

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