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Snapchat Challenger Attempts to Deliver Confidential Text Messages

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Much has been made of the rise of the Snapchat application that enables messages to be sent that self delete after they have been read, and that such messages can be preserved forever by simply taking a screenshot of them first.

To get around the screenshot approach, another company, backed by a former AOL executive has launched its own app that only reveals part of the message at a time.

The Confide app blanks out most of the message, and only reveals a part at a time as a finger scrolls down the redacted screen.

The difficulty is that the app is still very easy to bypass, as recipients can simply take multiple screenshots and stitch them together, or if the app becomes especially popular, someone will write another app to record the message as it is revealed.

It does however have the advantage that it makes it harder for confidential messages to be read by a bystander glancing as the users mobile phone as they would only get a small bit of the message at the time.

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