Mixed Fortunes for Apple This Past Christmas - Report

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Both Amazon and Microsoft appears to have done well over the Christmas period in sales of tablets, while Apple did well in smartphone sales, according to early data from the mobile advertising agency, Chitika.

The figures are based on the North American market only at the moment, and the ad agency warns that the precise traffic share changes observed directly following Christmas are likely to moderate slightly in the coming weeks and months as usage returns to non-holiday levels.

Based on traffic to websites visited between 20th Dec-29th Dec in the USA and Canada, Apple saw its smartphone market share rise by 1.8% to 54.3%, while nearest vendor rival, Samsung saw its share decline by 0.8% to 23.7%.

However, in the tablets market, the early data saw Apple tablets market share decline by 1.3% to 76.1%, while Amazon's Kindle rose by 0.6% to 9.4% marketshare.

Despite the changing fortunes for the company, in both the smartphone and tablet spaces, Apple users still generate the highest share North American Web traffic as compared to any other manufacturer.

Microsoft's Surface users generated more tablet traffic than all Google Nexus tablet users combined, making Microsoft the fourth-largest source of continental tablet Web traffic

Other ad agencies and website tracking companies are expected to release their figures in the coming weeks.

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