BlackBerry CEO Says the Company is well-positioned for the Future

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BlackBerry's interim CEO John Chen has said in an interview that the company is strong financially technologically savvy and is well positioned for the future.

He dismissed comments from competitors as being easy talk for them to promote negative stories about "past BlackBerry".

Chen, who was a noted turnaround specialist at Sybase says that over the past couple of months, his team has developed a strategy to stablise the company and engineer a future improvement in its prospects.

"This isn't the first time I've held the reins at a tech company facing challenging circumstances. I'm here to tackle this challenge because I believe we can succeed." Chen told CNBC News.

He noted that the company is still a leader in the corporate email market and that its secure systems are likely to prove increasingly popular as they cannot be simply replaced with alternatives that lack the necessary security clearances.

He also confirmed that over 40 million users have downloaded the company's own BBM app for Android and Apple smartphones.

"The journey has just begun" John Chen said.

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