Vodafone Accused of Sending Coded Messages in TV Adverts

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Vodafone Egypt has been questioned by state prosecutors over bizarre allegations that a television advert sent coded messages in support of terrorist attacks.

A local comedian and conspiracy theorist, Ahmed "Spider" Zebidar who is also a vocal supporter of the former President Hosni Mubarak claims that there are a number of codes hidden within the television adverts that are signals to the Muslim Brotherhood to trigger bombing campaigns.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which has just been designated a terrorist organisation by the current government denies being responsible for the bomb attacks.

Ahmed Zebidar claims that the television adverts, which feature a puppet called Abla Fahita contain coded messages -- such as the presence in one advert of a cactus which he said has four branches referring to Muslim Brotherhood group's Rabaah sign.

He also claimed that the presence of a shopping mall in an advert was code for an attack on a real shopping centre. He blames Freemasons for much of the violence in the country at the moment.

He said he filed a complaint with Egypt's prosecutor general, who routinely passed the issue onto local officials.

Vodafone confirmed that its officials had been questioned by the prosecutors and described the accusations as "irrational".

"The advertisement carries no other meaning . and any other interpretation other than that is mere imagination or personal opinion of some of the audience," the company said in a statement.

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