Indian Lobby Group Calls for CDMA and GSM Spectrum Auctions to Be Combined

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An Indian lobby group is calling on the government to modify its upcoming radio spectrum auctions and offer both CDMA and GSM spectrum at the same time.

The Association of Unified Telecom Service Providers of India (Auspi) has argued that separating the traditionally CDMA only 800MHz auction from that of the GSM spectrum auction is 'discriminatory'.

Its main concern is that it affects the plans of the mobile networks that operate both GSM and CDMA networks as they can't reliably predict how they will participate when the available spectrum is sold in separate auctions.

The lobby group says that its vital that its members are able to compare the availability of all three spectrum bands being auctioned off so that they can bid for the best mix needed for their networks.

"Due to delinking of auctions for 800 MHz and 900/1800 MHz bands, our members would lose an opportunity to participate in 900/1800 MHz auction or 800 MHz band as information on reserve price for 800 MHz will not be available before 900 and 1800 MHz spectrum band auctions." the group said in a letter seen by the Economic Times.

The group has called on the government to even delay the GSM spectrum auction in order to ensure that all three blocks can be auctioned off at the same time -- a request that the government is unlikely to heed as the funding is needed to cover the budget deficit.

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