Canada to Curb the Cost of Domestic Roaming Rates

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Canada's government plans to take action that will regulate the cost of domestic roaming between mobile networks.

In the coming weeks, the Government will introduce an amendment to the Telecommunications Act that will put a cap on domestic wireless roaming rates, preventing wireless providers from charging other companies more than they charge their own customers.

"The roaming rates that Canada's largest wireless companies are charging other domestic providers can be more than 10 times what they charge their own customers," said Industry Minister James Moore. "With domestic roaming rates on networks capped, Canadian consumers will benefit from more competition in the wireless market."

This measure will be in place until such time as the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), which is now investigating the issue, makes a decision on roaming rates.

In addition, Minister Moore also announced new enforcement measures that will provide Canada's regulatory bodies with the tools needed to ensure that companies comply with the rules.

The Government will amend both the Telecommunications Act and the Radiocommunication Act to give the CRTC and Industry Canada the option to impose monetary penalties on companies that violate established rules such as the Wireless Code and those related to the deployment of spectrum, services to rural areas and tower sharing.

"Our government is committed to ensuring that companies play by the rules for the benefit of all consumers. Canadian families deserve nothing less," said Minister Moore. "These new enforcement measures will safeguard consumer interests in the wireless sector."

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