InterDigital Loses Patent Infringement Claims Against Huawei, ZTE and Nokia

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US patent holding company aka patent troll InterDigital has lost a patent infringement complaint it filed in 2011 against Huawei ZTE and Nokia.

The complaint was filed with the USA's International Trade Commission and was for infringement on six patents.

According to ZTE, the ITC cleared it of the infringement complaints by InterDigital on six patents, and ruled that another patent claimed by InterDigital was invalid.

"This decision is an important victory in ZTE's efforts to combat patent mis-use by some protagonists for anti-competitive purposes." said Mr. Guo Xiaoming, Vice President and Chief Legal Officer of ZTE.

InterDigital said that it believes "the Commission's claim constructions are plainly wrong, and we look forward to appealing the determination"

InterDigital also has outstanding investigation at the US ITC against Huawei, ZTE, Nokia and Samsung and said that it expects that to be completed next year.

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