Tourist Falls into the Ocean While Checking Facebook

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A Taiwanese tourist was so engrossed in checking social media updates on her smartphone while on holiday in Australia that she didn't notice she was approaching the end of a sea side pier.

Victoria Police Water Police said that the woman was walking along St Kilda pier engrossed in social media, when she walked off the pier into the icy waters of the bay about 11.30pm.

A quick thinking witness raised the alarm and police rushed to the scene.

Uniform members from St Kilda were able to point out the position of the distressed woman, floundering in the water, to water police units who rescued her about 20 metres from the pier.

It is believed the woman did not know how to swim, and was later taken to hospital for attention.

There will be no need for a lost property report though, as the woman clung onto her smartphone throughout the entire event.

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