India's Tata Teleservices Returns Radio Spectrum to the Regulator

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India's Tata Teleservices has returned 20Mhz of its CDMA spectrum to the telecoms regulator.

The company was facing a one-time charge for radio spectrum in excess of 2.5Mhz in 14 circles. The company operates in 19 circles in the country.

The company is loss making, and was not expected to be able to finance the one-off spectrum fee. The company had been asked to pay Rs 1152.7 crore for the surplus spectrum.

"We have completed the surrender of CDMA spectrum in all circles wherein we have made the decision to surrender," the company said in a statement, adding that  "It is pertinent to mention here that our responsibility and liability, if any, with respect to the surrendered CDMA spectrum has been fully completed and discharged,"

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