Liberian Regulator Raids Mobile Network Following SIM Box Fraud

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Liberia's telecoms regulator says that it seized SIM Box equipment from a local mobile network operator and has arrested an employee at the company.

The LTA said that it found 188 SIM cards attached to the SIM-Box, which is used to bypass termination fees for international calls by making them appear to be originating locally.

The ISP technical supervisor at the mobile network, Novafone was arrested on charges of defrauding the government. The supervisor, Hussein Dakroub claimed that the SIM box was supplied by the company's former CEO, Chadi Salim, who is no longer in the country.

Angelique Weeks, the acting chairperson at LTA, said: "This is another example of LTA's ongoing efforts in the fight to thwart criminal activities that deny the government of much needed revenue from the telecom sector."

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