Anti-Trust Regulator Says It Has Substantial Evidence Against Qualcomm

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A Chinese regulator says that it has amassed evidence accusing Qualcomm of violating the local anti monopoly laws.

Xu Kunlin, head of the department of price supervision at the National Development and Reform Commission, China's top economic planner, said that the agency had obtained "substantial evidence against" Qualcomm.

Last month Qualcomm confirmed that it was facing an investigation but said at the time that it had no information about what the investigation was about.

Around half of Qualcomm's revenues in the past year have come from China.

Qualcomm has been alleged in the past to have offered differential rates to some companies, although it has usually denied this or cited commercial confidentiality. It has also lost anti-trust cases in both Japan and South Korea, although it is appealing them.

The company reaffirmed its belief that its practices in China were "lawful and pro-competitive".

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