Mozilla and Partners Launch Mobile Open Web Device Compliance Review Board

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A cluster of tech firms have formed a group that will promote the success of the open Web device ecosystem by encouraging API compliance as well as ensuring competitive performance.

The Open Web Device Compliance Review Board (CRB) will also be the foundation for Mozilla's Firefox OS branding requirements.

"Users want a wide selection of devices and great apps. Operators, device OEMs and vendors want to be able to develop and test quickly and independently, in order to get new products to market. The CRB will enable partners to do so efficiently, reliably and confidently," said Andreas Gal, vice president of mobile at Mozilla and president of the CRB. "This is the next step in building the ecosystem and will make it easier for partners to get a wide selection of high-quality solutions into consumers' hands quickly and efficiently."

The members of the CRB consist of a mix of partners covering geographically diverse markets, all with an interest in the success of an open mobile system. Participants in the CRB at launch are Deutsche Telekom, KDDI, LG, Mozilla, Qualcomm, Sony Mobile, Spreadtrum, TCL, Telefónica, Telenor and ZTE.

CRB certification testing will be conducted by external labs authorized by the CRB, with each test expected to be completed within approximately three days of submission.

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