UAE Networks Block BlackBerry's BBM Channels Service

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Both of the UAE's mobile networks have reportedly blocked the use of BlackBerry's new BBM Channels on smartphones although the service is still available in the country via websites.

BlackBerry itself said that it is working with the regulator to unblock the service.

One of the two networks, Du said the service was no longer available: "In accordance with the internet management policy issued by the TRA to regulate internet content that is not in line with moral, social and cultural values that the UAE stands for, the BBM Channel application is unavailable to du customers until further notice."

The regulator has not issued any public comment, although mobile mobile networks say that the block was at its instigation.

"We are working with our partners in the UAE to ensure their customers are able to enjoy the premier messaging experience of BBM and we will continue to work together to resolve any issues preventing people from using BBM Channels," BlackBerry said.

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