SingTel Uses Self Organising Networks and Small Cells to Boost Capacity

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Singapore's SingTel has outlined plans to upgrade its network to improve capacity in congested areas. The enhancements which include the Self Organising Networks (SON) solution and small cells technology are being progressively rolled out in busy locations.

Mr Tay Yeow Lian, SingTel's Vice President of Mobile Core Engineering, said: "We believe our customers will feel a real difference when the new enhancements are in place. They will enjoy up to 20 per cent faster internet access in crowded places that are prone to network congestion. The chances of encountering a dropped call at these packed locations will also be reduced by as much as 40 per cent."

Self Organising Networks (SON) solution

SON is a mobile network management solution that dynamically allocates network resources to cater to real-time customer demand and usage patterns.

It automatically detects areas of congestion and immediately re-assigns data handling capacity from neighbouring under-utilised cells. The solution also helps to minimise the impact of equipment failure. SingTel is the first mobile operator in Singapore to implement SON across its entire network.

Small cells technology

SingTel will deploy small cells technology to provide high-speed mobile coverage in locations such as basements and underground carparks, where it is impossible to install conventional base stations and radio network equipment. Small and medium enterprise customers can also benefit from small cells technology to enhance mobile coverage and capacity in their office.

Using ultra-compact equipment that consumes significantly less power, the small cells solution reduces the time it takes to set up new mobile cells from months to days. It is also used for boosting network capacity to meet ad-hoc surges in demand at events such as concerts, election rallies, trade shows and exhibitions.

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