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Bahamas Telco Says Copper Thefts are "against God and Country"

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) has taken to religion and nationalism to try and curb copper cable thefts, describing the thefts as "against God and Country."

BTC says there has been a rise in copper theft from its facilities across the country in recent weeks.

Kenyon Basden Technical Manager for New Providence said that in just the last two weeks, three substantial thefts had occurred.

"Thieves attacked at South Ocean Boulevard on November 16, JFK on November 27th and Roberts Boulevard, Coral Harbour on November 29. In all cases valuable and expensive 300 pair copper aerial cable was stolen immediately disrupting service to hundreds of customers in the surrounding areas."

On Grand Bahama, Manager Michael Laing reported that hardly a month goes by without a service disruption due to copper thefts. Last year there were 13 attacks. Recent thefts occurred on Balao Road Sea Grape, Eight Mile Rock, and Logwood Road and Peel Street in Freeport with immediate outage to related areas.

In Nassau businessmen Rupert Roberts and Minister Leslie Miller have both called on the government to ban copper exports. Both men have suffered hundreds of thousands worth of dollars in business equipment and infrastructural damage at the hands of copper thieves. Super Value chain owner Rupert Roberts said at the time that, "drastic action needs to be taken against copper thieves."

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