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Nokia Steps into Burnt Samsung Smartphone Debacle

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

When Samsung decided to react to a smartphone overheating by sending a cease and desist letter to the phone owner, Nokia took a slightly different approach.

Samsung phone owner, Richard Wygand recently uploaded a video showing his Samsung S4 overheating and being damaged by the phone charger, but Samsung said it would only replace the phone which is still under waranty if he removed the video first.

Naturally, he didn't take too kindly to this, and posted a second video showing off the letter he had received.

Nokia also reached out after he posted a comment on his Twitter account about the issue.

Jason at Nokia's USA customer care team offered to send him a Lumia smartphone "so you can experience how customer service should *really* work."

He appears to have taken up the offer.

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