Mexico Delays Passing Telecoms Liberalisation Laws

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Secondary legislation necessary to liberalise Mexico's telecoms market has been delayed after the Congress missed a deadline to impose them.

The legislation, which offered more detail to the already agreed legislation liberalising the market is now expected to be approved next February.

The delay was for once less to do with lobbying and political disagreements, as has blocked previous attempts to reform the market, than a simple back-log of other legislation that wasn't cleared by the end of the current period of Congress.

Although the delay is just a few months, it does give the country's dominant telco, America Movil more time to prepare its defense against being declared a dominant player in the telecoms market. Although with a market share of around 70 percent, such a declaration is almost certain to be made.

If the declaration is passed, then the company could be required to sell assets, or some of its customer base to its rivals to bring its market share down to below 50 percent.

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