Roaming Costs Remain a Concern for Australian Travellers

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The vast majority (92%) of Australian travellers adopt strategies to help manage mobile phone usage and costs while away including turning off roaming seeking out free Wi Fi purchasing a local SIM card and turning off notifications voicemail and other functions that could incur usage costs.

As many as 78% of Australians who travel overseas are concerned about the cost of using their mobile phone while outside of Australia.

The findings came from a survey commissioned by Vodafone.

When travellers don't have full access to their mobile phone or have to restrict their usage, two thirds say they experience negative feelings, including feeling disconnected from family and friends, being out of touch with the world, and extreme frustration. Gen Y (65%) are much more likely to experience these negative feelings than Gen X (53%) or Baby Boomers (40%).

According to the study, almost six million Australian adults travelled overseas in the last 12 months, and 85% of the travellers used their mobile phones while away.

When overseas, consumers mainly use their smartphones to stay connected - to send and receive text messages (66%), to send and receive emails (52%), to make and receive phone calls (48%) and to stay safe in case of emergencies (44%).

Further findings from the study include:

  • Australian travellers also use their mobile phones to access social media (40%), for navigation/ maps (34%), to share special moments through pictures and videos (32%) and to access information on local trips, restaurants or things to do (30%).
  • Gen Y are the most likely to use their mobile phone overseas to access social media (56%), for navigation/ maps (47%), to access information on local trips, restaurants and things to do (43%), to share special moments through photos and videos (42%) and to listen to music (40%).
  • Other popular apps include Viber (24%), YouTube (23%), Whatsapp (19%), iTunes (17%) and Instagram (16%).

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