LTE Users Making More Use of Mobile Video

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UK based mobile network EE says that its LTE customers are sharing and streaming more on 4G than ever before. One in four people (24%) uses social media at least ten times per day and over a third (36%) are streaming more video than they did on 3G with large peaks in traffic during key events.

The survey also revealed that 8.30am and 5.30pm are the busiest times for mobile shopping, as people combine their journeys to and from work with some serious retail therapy. Spend is also steadily increasing: of the men that shop on mobile, over one third (35%) say they spent more than £100 in the last month alone and a fifth spent more than £200. 15% of women spent more than £200, almost double the figure from July's report.

The 4GEE Mobile Living Index, which combines statistics from EE's 4G mobile network with an in-depth survey of 4GEE customers, also reveals how faster mobile internet speeds are transforming the way the Britain behaves:

Web browsing and email (40%), video (22%), social media (18%) and music (8%) are top of the list in terms of 4G traffic.

More specifically, the top five applications in terms of volume of 4GEE data are: web browsers, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and video calls.

Unrelated to 4G, but more mobile in general, the survey also found that nearly half (44%) of 18-24 year old customers have never stepped inside a public phone box. Also, nearly 1 in 5 (18%) have never used a home telephone as people become ever more reliant on their mobiles for voice calls, as well as data.

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