Justin Bieber Once Offered to Promote BlackBerry Smartphones

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Canadian pop star Justin Bieber once approached BlackBerry with a proposal to become the company's marketing mascot it has been revealed.

Back when he was still predominantly a YouTube star and hadn't quite broken into the mainstream market, he is said to have approached BlackBerry, "Give me $200,000 and 20 devices, and I'm your brand ambassador,"

Research in Motion's then Senior Businss Manager, Vincent Washington pitched the offer to the marketing department. "Here's a Canadian kid, he grew up here, all the teeny-boppers will love that. They basically threw us out of the room"

He recounts that the marketing people said that "This kid is a fad. He's not going to last."

Washington said at the meeting: "This kid might outlive RIM." Everyone laughed.

RIM has since changed its name to BlackBerry, lost most of its senior managers and failed to find a buyer for the company.

Justin Bieber now uses Apple's iPhone to send messages to his 47 million scarily loyal fans on Twitter.

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