TRA Begins Survey to Measure Mobile Radiation Levels Across the UAE

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The UAE's telecoms regulator the TRA has launched a technical survey to measure mobile radiation levels across the Emirates. The testing will be based on levels that it set in a policy in June 2010.

The survey will measure radiation levels of a chosen sample of 50 base stations for both UAE licenced telecom operators to ensure that both the regulatory policy and the ICNIRP international standards.

In this respect, H.E. Majed Almesmar, Deputy Director General for Telecommunications Sector in TRA, stated: "We launched this survey to ensure that emissions from the communications sites comply with the general public exposure limits set down by the International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection "

"The results of the survey will be announced by end of December upon completion of the project," he added.

The base stations being tested will be ones placed close to schools, hospitals, residential and public areas.

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