Huawei Deploys In-Building Mobile Network Solution LampSite with Vodafone

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Huawei says that it has deployed 'Lampsite' as its in building mobile coverage solution at the company's UK headquarters on a live Vodafone UK network.

Prior to the deployment, despite very good macro coverage available outside the building, signal penetration indoors had been limited, resulting in poor network coverage and capacity. The building where LampSite has been successfully activated totals 12,000 square meters over four floors and receives up to 1,100 employees and visitors a day.

The development of the LampSite solution deployed in the Huawei UK headquarters was a joint effort between Vodafone and Huawei technology innovation teams.

LampSite provides in-building mobile network coverage starting with an array of small radio access units (pRRUs) installed on the ceiling on every floor of an office building. The pRRUs are connected with Ethernet cables to rHUB (radio hub) units, which provide the pRRUs with power and aggregate the traffic that they generate. A single standard BBU (baseband unit) that can be connected to an outside macro coverage area provides the in-building network with the required radio resources.

The Vodafone UK roll out is Europe's first and largest commercial LampSite deployment.

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