HTC Smartphone Banned from Sale in the UK for Infringing Nokia Patent

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HTC has lost a patent battle in the UK has had an order imposed banning the sale of its HTC One Mini smartphone in the country.

The UK's High Court had previously ruled that HTC had infringed on a patent owned by Nokia, and today issued the order banning one of HTC's phones from sale, with a delayed ban on its flagship HTC One also imposed, pending appeal.

Nokia's European patent, #0998024, described as a 'modular structure for a transmitter and a mobile station' was found to have been infringed in the smartphones, although HTC had tried to argue that as the infringing component was tiny, that a full sales ban would be excessive.

HTC sold about 715,000 smartphones worth about £221 million in the UK between January and September, according to court documents.

Although the sales ban comes into immediate effect for the smaller HTC One Mini handset, the company has been given time to appeal against the sales ban on the more significant flagship model.

The Court agreed that a sales ban on the flagship model at this time of year and while still pending an appeal would cause "considerable damage" to the firm.

HTC said that it is working with its suppliers to find a way around the patent.

Nokia is also seeking financial compensation for alleged loss of sales of its own smartphones in the UK.

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