Samsung Sees Complimentary Futures for Rival Smartphone Systems

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Although Samsung is generally supporting the Tizen OS as its preferred potential alternative to Android it has not ruled out support for Mozilla as well in the future.

Samsung suggested that Tizen and Mozilla's Firefox OS could have a complimentary future.

Tizen is a open source OS being developed by Samsung and Intel, while Firefox is being developed by the team behind the popular web browser.

With any smartphone OS to gain market share though, the mobile apps community is now seen as critical. That is why the Sailfish OS from a team of ex-Nokia employees will support Android apps.

Citing Samsung's Chief Secretary, ZDNet reported that as both Tizen and Firefox OS platform developers used HTML5 based apps in common, they can support each other to grow in the OS ecosystem. Likewise, once an app based on HTML5 is developed, it can be used both in Tizen and Firefox OS.

The first Tizen smartphone is expected to launch around the middle of next year.

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