Google Working on Way of Replacing Website Passwords

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Google is said to be working on plans to turn an internal security product into a consumer service that could do away with complex passwords to access websites.

The internet firm is working with security vendor, YubiKey to develop a USB key that can be plugged into a computer and will connect with the Google Chrome browser. When a website asks for username and password, the user simply enters their username, and a four-digit PIN.

The authentication is then carried out by the YubiKey within the USB module.

Google has already distributed the device to many of its employees and now Forbes reports that it is working on turning it into a consumer device. Apart from the security improvements that having websites secured by both password and a physical device, the move could boost the use of Google's own Chrome web browser.

The USB key will be presumed to also need some sort of connectivity to non-USB devices, such as smartphones though. At the moment, the device is said to be limited to NFC capable phones, and will need to add support for BlueTooth or similar if it is to become ubiquitous.

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