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Swaziland Creates an Independent Telecoms Regulator

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Swaziland's state owned monopoly landline network, SPTC has been stripped of its regulatory role as the company continues to fight with the sole mobile network MTN over its own attempts to launch a mobile service.

A new regulator has been created by the government, the  Swaziland Communications Commission, (SCC), and a government official is now running it.

The creation of the regulator had been expected, and it was apparently set up two months ago, although the news was only released last week to the local media.

The ICT Minister, Christopher Ndlangamandla has since charged the regulator with sorting out the long running dispute between SPTC and MTN over MTN's monopoly on mobile services that SPTC wants to overturn with its own mobile service.

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