Estonia's EMT to Scrap Per-Megabyte Charging for Mobile Data Users

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Estonia's EMT has announced that it is scrapping its per megabyte charging policy for mobile data users, and will instead apply a daily charge for a lump of download allowance.

The change only affects customers not currently signed up to a mobile broadband tariff, and comes into effect from next month.

The daily limit used to be €4.95 for 50 MB of data per day -- but will now be EUR1 per day, with an allowance of 100MB. Although the maximum daily rate has reduced, customers who only checked the occasional email may see their costs rise as they are paying for the full daily allowance.

Ando Meentalo, Head of Data, Content, B2B Applications Area at EMT says that for customers the service is now more simple and clear. "With per-MB data charges, the users did not have a good overview of what was the actual cost of internet usage and how much the total monthly cost would be."

In order to provide the user with information on when it would be reasonable to get a flat-fee data plan, EMT will send the user a notification when they have spent more than EUR5 in a single month. Monthly tariffs start from EUR6.49.

Users who have not subscribed to a data plan and do not agree with the new pricing policy can terminate their subscription with EMT.

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