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Colombian Politician Wants to Nationalise Tower Assets

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

A Colombian politician is proposing a law that could see the government nationalise the mobile network's tower assets and then operate a single shared infrastructure company.

Senator Juan Mario Laserna will present his new bill to the Congress later this week.

The move comes shortly ahead of the renewal of the operating licenses held by Claro and Telefonica. However, Millicom has already renewed its license, and that would have to be modified if the law is passed.

In a presentation to reporters though, he claimed that India and China have a single network that is shared between operators -- which could be a misunderstanding of how tower operators share towers, rather than there being a single national network.

Should the government agree to nationalise the tower assets, the new state company is expected to have assets of between US$3.2 billion to USD3.7 billion and annual revenues of around USD500 million from tower leasing revenues.

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