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Apple Wins iPhone Trademark Dispute in Brazil

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Apple has secured the right to use the iPhone brandname in Brazil after a court ruled that an earlier ruling blocking it had been wrong.

A Brazilian electronics supplier had registered the iPhone brande name in 2000, but did not secure it until 2008, and last year provocatively launched an Android phone under the iPhone brandname.

At the time seen as a challenge to Apple to force the company to pay a hefty premium to buy the brandname, Apple instead chose to sue, and lost.

An appeal has however overturned the ruling, allowing Apple to sell its iPhone handset without infringing on the trademark owned by IGB Electronica

IGB Electronica is also allowed to sell iPhone branded phones, but the chances of it ever making as much from sales of an Android iPhone as it could have from selling the brandname to Apple originally are slim.


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