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Mexico Close to Settlement on Reclaiming Radio Spectrum Assets

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Mexico's Transport and Communications Ministry says that it has secured an agreement with companies holding large unused chunks of radio spectrum that could see them resold for use by mobile broadband services.

A ministry spokesman told the Reuters news agency that a "general" agreement had been reached, but there are details that still need to be worked out.

As part of a wider programme, the government announced last year that it would not renew any of the expiring 2.5Ghz radio spectrum licenses and would claw back the spectrum with the leases expired.

The most significantly affected company is MVS Comunicaciones, which has 190Mhz of spectrum in the affected block. MVS holds 42 of the available 68 concessions in the spectrum band.

MVS took legal action to appeal the decision, and earlier this year won its appeal.

Since then the government has been seeking a negotiated compromise.

Local media reports suggest that the compromise deal would see the government reclaiming two-thirds of the spectrum, although that hasn't been confirmed.

The move is part of a wider reform of the local telecoms market to introduce more competition and erode the dominance of America Movil in the country.

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