UK Firm Plans $550 Million Investment in African Towers

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

A UK based company with tower assets in Africa has announced an investment of $550 million over 3 years to build mobile network infrastructure throughout sub Saharan Africa.

Africa Mobile Networks (AMN) says that its technology is highly-optimised for rural applications, where the requirement is for large cell sizes with low capacity and also very high reliability.

The AMN sites will be initially deployed with GSM functionality and 2TRx capacity combined with omni-directional antennas and are expandable as traffic volumes grow.

AMN said that it will initially build 5,000 base stations across 12 countries over the next 3 years, initially serving a population of some 40 million people and generating a projected 20 million new subscribers worth in the region of $650 million in airtime revenues per annum.

AMN is raising $375 million of new investment, as a combination of both equity and debt, to fund the $550 million project.


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