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US Judge Dismisses iPhone Lawsuit Over Faulty Power Buttons

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

A US judge has thrown out an attempted class action lawsuit that had tried to sue both Apple and AT&T over issues that affected a faulty power button on the Apple iPhone 4, and its 4S successor.

The power switch issue was something that generally appeared after lengthy use of the phone and was colloquially known as the "wiggly button" issue.

The lawsuit tried to claim that not only did AT&T and Apple conspire to keep selling the phones knowing that the fault would eventually become manifest, but that in doing do, they were acting in a dangerous manner.

Their danger argument postulated a number of scenarios such as the phone not switching off correctly when a user boarded a plane, to being unable to switch it on if stranded in a broken-down car.

Los Angeles US District Judge Gary Feess dismissed the case though, saying that the claims about dangerous behaviour were too speculative.

He also said that Apple had no obligation to disclose possible faults that could appear after a phone had been used for longer than the warranty period. He also dismissed claims of a conspiracy between Apple and AT&T.

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