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Third of BlackBerry Apps Come from Just One Developer

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

It has been revealed that a third of the 120,000 available apps for BlackBerry 10 based smartphone come from just one company, casting doubt on the company's claim to be building a viable app store.

BlackBerry has thrown money and resources at app deveopers to encourage them to port their existing apps to work on the BB10 operating system, but it has been reported that of the 120,000 apps on the app store, over 47,000 of them come from a single developer.

According to report by Berryreview, a single developer called S4bb is dominating the app store, and the majority of the apps are just basic guides and skins of other services such as RSS feeds from news sites.

Whether the company actually expects to sell the apps, or is just trying to earn the bounties on developing approved apps for the BB10 OS is unclear.

BlackBerry spokesman Adam Emery said: "Developers in all app stores employ a number of different monetization tactics. BlackBerry World is an open market for developers and we let market forces dictate the success or failure of these tactics."

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