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Google Announces New Tablet and Upgrade for Android OS

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Google has shown off a new tablet and an updated version of the Android OS, along with another move into hardware with a TV adaptor for connecting televisions to computers.

The new tablet is being made by Asus, who also manufacture the older model, although apart from a comment about improved screen resolution, the company was very light on any technical specifications in its official statement.

However, it was shown at a presentation, where the company confirmed that the tablet will come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor running at 1.5Ghz and 2GB of RAM. Two cameras -- 5 and 1.2 megapixel are included as it support for LTE, although on on frequencies used in the USA.

The new tablet will also be the first to ship with Android 4.3, the newest version of the smartphone OS, although the modifications are minor. To address the ongoing problem of children making in-app purchases without parental permission, the new OS upgrade now includes profiles that allow different levels of access depending on who is using the tablet.

Likewise, retail stores can use tablets to show off product information, and shops can use tablets as point of sale systems. Android 4.3 also now supports Bluetooth Smart technology, opening the door to mobile apps that connect to new devices like fitness sensors.

Android 4.3 is rolling out to existing Nexus devices starting today, although other manufacturers may take longer to roll out the upgrade as they tend to customise the OS a bit first.

It can also be presumed that the Moto X which Motorola is due to announce will also come with the new OS variant.

Nexus 7 starts at $229, and is available in the USA from July 30 (with more countries coming soon).

The other hardware item is the Chromecast, a plug in device that plugs into a high-definition television and links up to a laptop computer enabling users to stream video content from a laptop to the TV screen.

The Chromecast device will go on sale in the USA for US$35.


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