New Motorola Phone is Always Listening to Your Conversations

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

A few features of Motorola forthcoming flagship Android smartphone have been leaked by a video posted on a Google account website.

The most significant development appears to be that the Moto X smartphone will be listening for voice-activation commands, even when in standby mode with the screen switched off.

If the video is correct, then users will be able to carry out searches and perform other functions simply by saying ""OK Google Now..."

While useful for the individual user, a prankster could presumably cause havoc in a public area by using the tannoy to broadcast the activation command into a conference hall or shopping centre.

A new motion control option also allows apps to be launched without tapping the screen -- such as twisting the phone to start up the camera.

Also, iPhone style notifications alerts will display incoming calls, texts and social media updates in the locked screen.

On the web: Google+ via Ausdroid

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