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Android OS Upgrade Hints at Wearable Computing Devices

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Details of what could point to a significant boost for 3rd party Android accessories have been uncovered within a preview of the next Android OS upgrade.

What has been discovered within Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is wider support for the notification system within the OS, which has so far been largely locked away from App developers, although a few have found unofficial workarounds.

The main change is that a 3rd-party app could -- in theory -- access notification messages, such as missed calls, or new text messages and carry out actions based on those.

What is being speculated by Android Police which reported on the discovery is that this could open up Android smartphone accessories to a much tighter integration with the Android OS.

The most hyped option is that a wearable wrist-watch would be able to interact with message notifications on the handset, with both devices remaining in sync with each other.

The Andoid OS appears to be getting an update ahead of the expected wristwatch product launch from its rivals at Apple.

The Android 4.3 OS is expected to be formally launched within the next few months.

On the web: Android Police

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