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BBC's Weather App Passes One Million Downloads in Just 2 Weeks

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

The UK's BBC has announced that its Weather smartphone app, available on Android and iOS, has now reached one million downloads across both platforms within two weeks of launch.

The broadcaster added that the app launch has driven mobile traffic to BBC Weather up from 20% prior to launch, to 25% post launch. The first weekend following the app's launch (15/16 June) saw an approximate 47% increase in mobile access compared to the previous weekend's number of mobile visits.

In terms of usage, the hourly forecast feature drove 84% of the total mobile traffic over that weekend, and the most popular time for checking the weather is first thing in the morning between approx 6 and 9am

They also see a peak of usage around 6pm as people check to see that they don't get caught out on the commute home.

Sunday evening is also proving a popular time to check the app as they again see about 25 requests a second as users look ahead and prepare for the week to come.

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