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Instagram Overtakes YouTube and Vine for Mobile Video Trafffic

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

OTT video traffic has doubled across mobile networks since Instagram launched its video service just a week ago.

Instagram is now accounting for over 30% of the total OTT video, instantaneously passing Google's YouTube and Twitter's Vine, according to analysis by Avvasi.

Avvasi's mobile video Quality of Experience (QoE) measurement tool is deployed at several tier-1 mobile operators globally. The company was able to immediately measure and report the surge of videos resulting from the launch of the video feature on Instagram and Facebook.

Avvasi found that in some networks, the service launch has negatively impacted the overall quality of video delivered, due to the sudden increase in traffic and network congestion.

"It is amazing to observe the impact that a new video service can have on a network overnight," said Mate Prgin, President and CEO of Avvasi. "Avvasi technology enables service providers to detect, analyze and monetize mobile OTT video in real time. When a new OTT video service can bring a network to its knees in seconds, it is crucial for operators to have the tools to measure, manage and improve the video experience. Avvasi is committed to helping carriers control and monetize the OTT video opportunity."

Avvasi Graph of Instagram Video Introduction

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