The TETRA Base Station That Can Operate On an LTE Core

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

French telecoms vendor, ETELM has shown off what it says is the world's first gateway free TETRA basestation, designed to operate seamlessly over LTE networks.

The e-TBS is a fully converged TETRA and LTE solution, allowing single or multiple e-TBS TETRA basestations, or a complete TETRA network, to sit on the LTE core without the need for external gateways. e-TBS may be integrated either into a private or into a public LTE network.

"This is a tremendous breakthrough for the future development of critical communications around the world and it will create new opportunities right across the industry - from LTE operators to equipment vendors, while also giving a migration path for current narrowband operations," said ETELM President Pierre Minot.

Today's launch of the e-TBS follows two years of research and development at the ETELM laboratories in France.

Among the advantages of the e-TBS are that TETRA voice features can be merged with LTE's high speed mobile broadband, existing TETRA users can be retained or redeployed, there is easy integration with new LTE applications, narrowband 25KHz frequencies can be retained and the product has a built in controller capable of multiple cell management.

"With the advent of LTE 4G services, one of the big challenges in mission critical communications is that it must not fall behind the commercial sector," said Mr Minot. "The e-TBS basestation makes sure that this will not happen, and from today has taken the need and desire for a seamless link between the two technologies from being a concept into a reality," he added.

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