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Telefonica Pushes Ahead with IPV6 Support in Peru

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Peru has been selected by Telef nica as its first country for a wide IPv6 deployment to its customers, once the trial phase was successfully completed. Currently, around 200,000 fixed broadband customers in Peru use this protocol to access compatible web sites, while IPv4 protocol is also provided for non migrated services.

After such a key milestone, Telefónica Peru said that it will be continuing the IPv6 activation of more fixed broadband customers and also enhancing its roadmap to enable corporate and mobile-broadband customers soon.

Telefónica Peru is the 11th network in the ranking of IPv6 traffic sources to the main Internet websites, according to the Internet Society statistics.

Additionally, more than 2% of users' hits to Google from Peru occur over IPv6, as shown in the statistics published by this site. This access percentage is significantly higher than the 1% threshold established by this non-profit organization in the past "World IPv6 Launch Day".

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