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Australian Androids As Prevalent as iPhones, but iPhones Consume More Data

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

There are now as many Android users as there are Apple iOS users in Australia, according to research commissioned by Virgin Mobile.

While there may now be equal numbers using Android and Apple iOS, that's where the equality ends. The research revealed there are huge differences in what users of the two operating systems are getting up to online using their smartphones. Apple iOS users spend considerably more time using the internet and apps on their smartphones, clocking up an average of 10 hours per week using the internet on their smartphones, compared with Android users who spend only seven hours per week on average.

While Apple iOS users led the pack in overall online activity, those with Android took the lead in some weird and wonderful ways.

For example, more Android users admit to having watched Gangnam Style on their handset (28% v 24%) and to posting a music and entertainment video (15% v 11%).

Interestingly, Android users who have downloaded geo - social dating apps such as Blendr and Grindr are incredibly active on them, with two out of five (42%) using them every day, versus only one in four (26%) who have downloaded them with Apple iOS. Android users also check the weather more often - with more than half looking daily (52% v 38%). However, fashion - conscious Apple iOS users are more likely to use a weather app to decide what to wear (57% v 50%).

Other differences in the way Android and Apple iOS users consume data on their smartphones include:

  • Android users are more avid news consumers than Apple iOS users, with 56% checking the news each day v 51% of Apple iOS users
  • Apple iOS users are twice as likely to use food apps daily (23% v 10%)
  • Android users may be more in need of a holiday, 14% use travel apps daily v 10% of Apple iOS users
  • Apple iOS users are more likely to look at pictures of old school friends on Facebook (45% v 32%)
  • Android users are more likely to have checked out a potential love interest using Facebook (17% v 13%)
  • Apple iOS users are more likely to follow celebrity tweets on Twitter (39% v 27%)
  • Apple iOS users are more likely to use gaming apps daily (41% v 35%)
  • Android users are more likely to take advantage of free call and text apps (using them 4.2 times per week on average, v 4.1 times per week for Apple iOS users).
  • Apple iOS users spend more time using social media on their handset than their Android counterparts, spending twice the amount of time on Facebook (76.6 minutes v 38.7 minutes per week)

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