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Pregnant T-Mobile Employee Told to Use Up Holiday Time for Toilet Breaks

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

A former customer care employee working at a T Mobile USA call center claims that she was forced to use up some of her holiday time while at work because her manager thought she was going to the toilet too often.

Three years ago, Kristi Rifkin was working for a company call centre in Nashville when she became pregnant. Under doctors advice, she increased the amount of water she drank each day.

Biology being what it is, this resulted in an increased number of visits to the toilet, and she claims that the call center management objected.

"They give you two 15 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch," Rifkin told ABC News. "If you can't take care of your biological needs in that time period, you don't go."

The company wanted a doctors note to confirm her situation, and eventually agreed that she could clock-out of the call centre phone system to use the loo, but that the clocked out time would be deducted from her holiday allowance.

"I ended up using my vacation time to use the bathroom," she said.

To add to the problems, shortly after she returned to work following the birth -- she was fired for a minor infraction on a customer account.

She said that she has no plans to sue T-Mobile, as it is too expensive, and local labour laws are not favourable anyway to employees. She is simply seeking publicity for the problems she underwent and in a blog post is calling for paid sick leave to be offered to company employees.

"I wanted to tell my story because this is why paid medical and sick leave is so important. No one should have to go through what I did." she ended.

On the web: ABC News - Blog Post by Rifkin

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