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Romania Reassigns CDMA450 Spectrum for PMR Users

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Romania's telecoms regulator, Ancom has announced that it is reserving the 450Mhz band in future for use by Public Mobile Radio (PMR) users, on a per application basis.

Until last week, this band was used by Telemobil, which offered voice and data services based on CDMA 450MHz technology.

The regulator said that usage rights for the frequencies in the 450MHz band will be granted upon request, in the order of the date of submitting the requests, as long as the radio spectrum resource is sufficient for settling the existing requests for frequency assignation.

Where the radio spectrum requests exceed the spectrum resources available and the settling of all the requests becomes impossible, the usage rights for the radio frequencies will be granted by means of a comparative or a competitive tender.

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